Welcome Service Bremen

What kind of documents do I need for the immigration authorities? Where can I go for recognition of my professional qualifications? Where do I register my car? How can I rent an apartment from abroad?

Foreign start-up companies and foreign specialists skilled workers and executives face special challenges in Germany… from visa application and resident registration to coping with everyday life in Bremen.

With the new Welcome Service we want to make it easier for new residents to get started in Bremen.

The objective of our new “Welcome Service” is not to reinvent anything but to focus on combining and coordinating our different services. Our aim is to strengthen and expand existing approaches and initiatives to form a network of support which will improve Bremen’s culture of welcome.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact the Project Manager.

The Welcome Service ist part of our Bremen Company Service.

Further Information:

about how to set up an entreprise download a brochure on www.bremen-invest.com
for qualified professionals: www.make-it-in-germany.com/en
evaluating foreign qualifications: https://www.bq-portal.de/en
Comparability for Foreign Higher Education Qualifications: https://www.kmk.org/kmk/information-in-english.html
getting the EU Blue Card: http://www.bluecard-eu.de/
becoming self-employed in Germany: http://www.wir-gruenden-in-deutschland.de/en/precise-information/